I have always been fascinated with names. As a child, I used to spend my summer holidays using my mother’s ‘baby names’ books to create my own collection of names that I could refer to throughout the rest of the year. It was quite a project. I’d have a new design each time and I would sort the names into alphabetical order, which for a child takes a while to do. I just think that names are amazingly powerful words. The fact that one word can hold so much emotion and so many memories is incredible.

Those of you who have followed along with my musings on my previous blog would know that I have recently changed my name. I am now a ‘Mrs’. It’s been amusing telling my students about this. Earlier this week I was working in a Year 2 classroom and told the students that I was no longer Miss T. I then asked them ‘why do you think I changed my name?’ One student passionately announced: ‘because your other name was too long!’ Eventually they worked out that I had gotten married. Another student who had only just tuned in to the conversation asked ‘what happens when you get married?’ and her friend (also just tuning in) replied ‘I think that’s when you can get your ears pierced’.

This is a snapshot of a typical day in the classroom for me. I am in my second year of relief teaching and each day is unpredictably interesting. I am excited to see what is ahead for this primary school teacher as she begins her journey with her new name, Mrs. T. I hope that you feel inspired to follow along and share this journey with me.

5 responses to “Names”

  1. Megan Polk Avatar
    Megan Polk

    I love the unpredictability of student thinking and comments! Now that I think about it, names are truly fascinating. You are right- they are one of the most powerful things people possess! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. The Musings of Mrs T. Avatar
      The Musings of Mrs T.

      They certainly are! I’m glad you liked this post.


  2. orangewallsblog Avatar

    “Kids say the darnedest things” as they say! LOL I work with children and it cracks me up every time when they come up with something out of bounds to say!

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    1. The Musings of Mrs T. Avatar
      The Musings of Mrs T.

      Haha, yes they certainly do. Never a dull moment!


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