Class, We Have A New Person Joining Us Today

Class, there is a new person here today, and I hope that you’ll make her feel welcome. Please be patient with her if she doesn’t remember all of your names within the first lesson of the day. She’ll get there if you give her some time.

Life Lessons I Learned in 2017

Whenever I enter a new year, I like to reflect on the things I have learned. I use this as a way of finding closure, but it also keeps me thankful as it reminds me of all the opportunities I have been given to learn and grow. Life is ever changing, and that is what makes it so interesting.

The Essentials

My ‘teaching bag’, amongst other things, includes back-up lesson plans, stationery, a bell and a whistle, hand sanitiser (of course!), tea and a mug and plenty of stickers. I sometimes feel a little like Mary Poppins in that scene where she’s unpacking her bag and out comes the mirror and the coat rack! These things are helpful and important for my teaching, but are they essential?

The Small Things

Recently I was teaching a beautiful group of reception children. I was quite familiar with this class, as I had worked with them before, and so they were excited to see me again. One of the little girls in the class had brought her ‘pet dog’ along to keep her company for the day.

And Keep Failing

Have you ever stopped to reflect on the amazing capacity humans have to bounce back from times of struggle? At so many points in our lives we experience rejection, heartbreak, disappointment, grief and yet we continue to move forward despite it all. We persist through the difficult times until the ‘season changes’ and we find our joy again.


I have always been fascinated with names. As a child, I used to spend my summer holidays using my mother’s ‘baby names’ books to create my own collection of names that I could refer to throughout the rest of the year. It was quite a project. I’d have a new design each time and IContinue reading “Names”