The Flowers Still Bloomed

The world came to a pause. Fear entered many hearts. We adjusted to a ‘new normal’. Yet, some things didn’t change, and the flowers still bloomed. 

Or: The Power of Perspective

I was sorting through some of my old blog post drafts recently, and I came across one that I wrote during my relief teaching years. So, here is a post from about 5 years ago that was almost never published. I hope that it encourages you to notice the power of perspective in your own teaching situation. 

The Vast Unknown

As difficult as it is, I’m beginning to accept the fact that sometimes things are out of our control. However, I’m also beginning to realise that one of the most beautiful things about life is its unpredictability. And perhaps by holding more loosely to our expectations as we learn to embrace what comes our way, we’ll be pleasantly surprised at what that vast unknown holds for us.  

The Power of Drawings

If you want to take a peek into the mind of a child, look at their drawings. Anyone who works with kids, or who has young children of their own, likely has a large stash of artwork that has been carefully (or sometimes not so carefully) crafted on a daily basis by the little ones in their life. So many children love painting and drawing and making, and I think it’s a beautiful thing to encourage. 

Holding the Umbrella

A few years ago, when I was working at a girls’ school, I used to dread the ‘morning duty’. I don’t particularly mind morning duties usually, but at this school it required a lot of effort. During the winter months we would need to stand out in the cold, waiting for the cars to arrive at the ‘kiss and drop’ station.

Let Us Not Become So Focused On The Future That We Forget About Our History

In today’s world, education needs to be continuously evolving in order to keep up with the latest technological and scientific developments. It does make me question though, if there are areas of learning that become buried under all of it. After all, there comes a point where educators simply need to make decisions about what to prioritise, but I wonder how many of them are prioritising history.

To Have It All Figured Out

I have taken a step back from teaching to prepare for motherhood, and as I look down at my laptop to type these words, I can’t help but notice the size of my ever-increasing belly, which is currently housing my first baby. It’s exciting seeing how much she’s grown each week, both through how much I’ve expanded and through the wonderful world of information that’s available to tell me the approximate size of baby by comparing her to a fruit or vegetable. This week she’s apparently the size of a rockmelon.

A Love Story

I have a love story to share with you, dear little daughter of mine. Your mother was young and had her sights set on being a teacher who could influence the world. Your father was creative in his work and noble in character . . .

Kids These Days

The fact is that no matter what ‘kids these days’ are like, they are the next generation. They will be the ones leading society in the not-so-distant future. Let me tell you what I notice about kids these days.