Time to Reflect – How To Help Students Reflect on Their Learning 

With limited teaching time each day and a never-ending list of things to cover with our students, it can be easy to move through our lessons at a fast pace, always ready for the next topic. There’s an important step in the learning process though that we must not forget about though. That important step is – reflecting on learning.

The Flowers Still Bloomed

The world came to a pause. Fear entered many hearts. We adjusted to a ‘new normal’. Yet, some things didn’t change, and the flowers still bloomed. 

Grids, Mazes & Photo Shoots – 8 Engaging Times Table Homework Activities 

Many primary school teachers include times table practice as part of their homework routine. So often though, this involves repetitive revision of the same set of times tables over and over again, leaving both students and teachers alike feeling bored with times table practice. There are many activities that you can use to keep your students engaged in their times table practice though, and in this post you’ll find my top 8 suggestions for fun times tables homework tasks. 

Or: The Power of Perspective

I was sorting through some of my old blog post drafts recently, and I came across one that I wrote during my relief teaching years. So, here is a post from about 5 years ago that was almost never published. I hope that it encourages you to notice the power of perspective in your own teaching situation. 

Holding the Umbrella

A few years ago, when I was working at a girls’ school, I used to dread the ‘morning duty’. I don’t particularly mind morning duties usually, but at this school it required a lot of effort. During the winter months we would need to stand out in the cold, waiting for the cars to arrive at the ‘kiss and drop’ station.

Fun Addition Activities for Kids – Part 2

My students are currently learning about addition. One of the things I enjoy about teaching Year 3s and 4s is that a lot of them still have a positive attitude towards their lessons. I hope that by keeping things fun and engaging, I will be able to encourage them to keep this attitude for a long time yet!

Fun Addition Activities for Kids – Part 1

One of my favourite subject ares to teach and plan for is Mathematics. It is so diverse and there are SO many fun ways to get the students engaged in their learning! Here are a few examples.

Always Searching

I have come to the end of my first year as a full-time classroom teacher, and what a whirlwind it has been. As I reflect on my experience so far, the only way I can think to sum it all up is by saying: it did not go as expected. The things that I thoughtContinue reading “Always Searching”

Class, We Have A New Person Joining Us Today

Class, there is a new person here today, and I hope that you’ll make her feel welcome. Please be patient with her if she doesn’t remember all of your names within the first lesson of the day. She’ll get there if you give her some time.

Life Lessons I Learned in 2017

Whenever I enter a new year, I like to reflect on the things I have learned. I use this as a way of finding closure, but it also keeps me thankful as it reminds me of all the opportunities I have been given to learn and grow. Life is ever changing, and that is what makes it so interesting.