Switch Up Your Homework Routine with These 9 Fun Homework Ideas

Many schools still require that homework is set for students. So, as teachers, how can we make sure we are approaching homework the right way, in order to provide enriching opportunities for student learning to take place? Well, here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

Just the Treat They Need – 5 Low Cost Student Reward Ideas

Giving students incentives and rewards can be an effective way to both motivate them at school and also let them know that we notice their efforts and achievement. Sometimes though, it can be a challenge to figure out how to give them a boost of encouragement without spending extra time and money. Well, when it comes to student rewards I believe that simple is best, and I have 5 ideas to share with you for student rewards that don’t cost money (other than the cost of printing, that is).

Lists, Rules & Exceptions – 11 Engaging & Effective Tips for Teaching Children Spelling and Vocabulary

There are so, so many options for activities and strategies to use when it comes to teaching and practising spelling. Yet, I know that sometimes as teachers we can still find ourselves searching for new ways to try to keep our students interested in their spelling work. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite tips for teaching spelling and vocabulary to students that will not only keep them engaged, but will also be effective for helping them practise that tricky English language. 

How to Use Student Choice Boards to Differentiate for Your Learners

Student choice boards are a fun and engaging tool to use in the classroom, and they come with many benefits. They are versatile and can be used in many different subject areas for many different year levels. They are a simple tool to use to encourage student agency in learning, and they are great for differentiation. 

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning – Developing Decoding Skills Part 1

Learning to read takes a lot of time and practice. When we read a new word there are a number of different strategies we can use to figure out what the word says. The term ‘decoding’ refers to the process of deciphering new words by applying your knowledge of letter-sound relationships and patterns.

A Place for Everything – 7 Fun Place Value Activity Ideas

When it comes to learning the basics in Maths, place value is such an important concept for students to understand. It carries over to almost every other topic in Maths, and helps children to visualise and utilise the numbers they are working with. So, if place value sets such an important foundation for children in Maths, how can we teach it well?

Fun Addition Activities for Kids – Part 3

One more week left until the new school term begins. How quickly time flies! As I continue to work on my maths plan for the term, I have put together one more list of ideas to help you with teaching addition to your students.