The Power of Drawings

If you want to take a peek into the mind of a child, look at their drawings. Anyone who works with kids, or who has young children of their own, likely has a large stash of artwork that has been carefully (or sometimes not so carefully) crafted on a daily basis by the little ones in their life. So many children love painting and drawing and making, and I think it’s a beautiful thing to encourage. 

List of Christian Songs and Readings to Help You Process a Miscarriage

Experiencing a miscarriage can be a traumatic and isolating experience. As a Christian, events like this can shake our faith. I found the following songs and readings to be a helpful reminder to turn to God through the heartache of my miscarriage, and I pray that you will find some comfort and support through these resources too. 

Where is God in My Miscarriage?

There are moments in life where words cannot express the sorrow and heartbreak. This is one of those moments. Yet, I sit here attempting to do the impossible.

Why I Let My 4-Month-Old Play the Piano

In the first few months of life, babies are constantly forming and strengthening their neural connections. Most people are aware of this fact, yet many still underestimate what babies can understand. I believe there’s a lot that these little treasures can understand and are capable of at this young age, and the teacher in me can’t help but get excited about my role in helping these early skills develop.


Sunlight was streaming through the window. Slowly, we got out of bed. Our usual routine began.

To Have It All Figured Out

I have taken a step back from teaching to prepare for motherhood, and as I look down at my laptop to type these words, I can’t help but notice the size of my ever-increasing belly, which is currently housing my first baby. It’s exciting seeing how much she’s grown each week, both through how much I’ve expanded and through the wonderful world of information that’s available to tell me the approximate size of baby by comparing her to a fruit or vegetable. This week she’s apparently the size of a rockmelon.