The Problem with Maths: Promoting Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving is such as essential skill for children to learn, as it is relevant to so many areas of life. It is often taught within the context of mathematics, although I don’t believe that it should only be taught in that context. If you are a teacher or a parent, you may be wondering how you can help promote your children’s problem-solving skills.

A Place for Everything – 7 Fun Place Value Activity Ideas

When it comes to learning the basics in Maths, place value is such an important concept for students to understand. It carries over to almost every other topic in Maths, and helps children to visualise and utilise the numbers they are working with. So, if place value sets such an important foundation for children in Maths, how can we teach it well?

Fun Addition Activities for Kids – Part 3

One more week left until the new school term begins. How quickly time flies! As I continue to work on my maths plan for the term, I have put together one more list of ideas to help you with teaching addition to your students.

Fun Addition Activities for Kids – Part 2

My students are currently learning about addition. One of the things I enjoy about teaching Year 3s and 4s is that a lot of them still have a positive attitude towards their lessons. I hope that by keeping things fun and engaging, I will be able to encourage them to keep this attitude for a long time yet!