Meet the (Word) Family – Developing Decoding Skills Part 3

Now let us imagine that you’ve used some of the other strategies I’ve shared to help your child with reading, and you’re starting to see them develop more confidence when presented with new words. How delightful! If your child has some alphabet knowledge already and is able to read simple words on their own, here is a list of things you can do to keep encouraging those decoding skills to develop.

Sing, Sing a Song – Developing Decoding Skills Part 2

In my last post I talked about the importance of setting a foundation for reading in the early years, and listed some ways that you can help your child to practise their decoding skills. I have another list of ideas to share with you today! Remember, learning to read takes time, so be patient with your children and try to focus on making reading time an enjoyable experience for you both.

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning – Developing Decoding Skills Part 1

Learning to read takes a lot of time and practice. When we read a new word there are a number of different strategies we can use to figure out what the word says. The term ‘decoding’ refers to the process of deciphering new words by applying your knowledge of letter-sound relationships and patterns.