Add Some Music and Dance to Your Classroom with This Fun, Collaborative Group Activity

The activity featured in this blog post allows students to work as a group to create their own song, dance or rap. You can use this activity simply as a fun time-filler or to test the students’ musical knowledge, dance technique or ability to work as a team. This activity is ideal for working on collaboration with students as it is highly engaging, easy for all students to participate in – no matter where they sit academically – and it allows you to incorporate the arts into the classroom.

Competition or Cooperation? – 5 Ways to Increase Collaborative Learning Opportunities in the Classroom

We live in a very individualistic culture, and children are constantly presented with opportunities to compete with others. Almost all reality TV shows involve people competing to be the best at something, extra-curricular activities such as sports and arts usually involve competing against others and even school environments are often saturated with ways of comparing children. So, how can we, as teachers, focus on promoting cooperation over competition?