What is Student Voice in the Classroom?

The term ‘student voice’ has been used more and more in recent years, and while most teachers can recognise its significance, it can sometimes be unclear what we’re referring to when we talk about student voice in learning. When we talk about student voice, it goes along with terms like student agency or student choice. At its most basic level, student voice is essentially giving students a voice or a say in how they learn.

Competition or Cooperation? – 5 Ways to Increase Collaborative Learning Opportunities in the Classroom

We live in a very individualistic culture, and children are constantly presented with opportunities to compete with others. Almost all reality TV shows involve people competing to be the best at something, extra-curricular activities such as sports and arts usually involve competing against others and even school environments are often saturated with ways of comparing children. So, how can we, as teachers, focus on promoting cooperation over competition?

12 Behaviour Management Tips for Relief Teachers

Those who are newer to my blog might not know that before I became a mum, and before my years as a full-time primary school teacher, I was a relief teacher here in Australia for a long two years. Oh, how clearly I remember the challenges that season brought for me! One thing that you soon come to learn when relief teaching is that a good behaviour management plan is everything.

Fun Addition Activities for Kids – Part 1

One of my favourite subject ares to teach and plan for is Mathematics. It is so diverse and there are SO many fun ways to get the students engaged in their learning! Here are a few examples.

Are Good Books Really Timeless?

I very much enjoy reading, and am passionate about encouraging a love of reading in my students. The interesting thing though is that I only really developed my love for books after I had left school.

Class, We Have A New Person Joining Us Today

Class, there is a new person here today, and I hope that you’ll make her feel welcome. Please be patient with her if she doesn’t remember all of your names within the first lesson of the day. She’ll get there if you give her some time.