Reflection in the Classroom

If you want to be more intentional with using reflection in your learning space, you’re in the right place!

If you want some pre-made and ready-to-use student activities that encourage reflection in the classroom, take a look at the resources that I have available below:

Student Wellbeing Journal
Student Wellbeing Journal
This is a set of wellbeing journal pages that can be used to help your students reflect on their thoughts and feelings each morning. 
Student Reflection Prompts
Things That Matter to Me Reflection Prompts
Use these reflection templates to find out more about what is most important in your students’ lives.
Self-Reflection and Peer Editing Forms
Self-Reflection and Peer Editing Forms
This versatile and effective resource can be used at the end of any activity or lesson to encourage student reflection and peer assessment.
STEM Build a Table Challenge
This fun ‘Build a Table’ STEM challenge includes guides, templates, discussion opportunities and reflection prompts to help you run an engaging STEM challenge with your students.
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Choice Board Set
This engaging set of done-for-you student choice boards features 72 SEL activities to allow your students to share their reflections and develop their SEL skills in fun and creative ways.

While you’re here, you can also read more about using reflection with your students through the following blog posts:

Time to Reflect – How to Help Students Reflect on Their Learning

Using Intentional Questioning in the Classroom to Encourage Deeper Thinking

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