Switch Up Your Homework Routine with These 9 Fun Homework Ideas

Many schools still require that homework is set for students. So, as teachers, how can we make sure we are approaching homework the right way, in order to provide enriching opportunities for student learning to take place? Well, here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

Just the Treat They Need – 5 Low Cost Student Reward Ideas

Giving students incentives and rewards can be an effective way to both motivate them at school and also let them know that we notice their efforts and achievement. Sometimes though, it can be a challenge to figure out how to give them a boost of encouragement without spending extra time and money. Well, when it comes to student rewards I believe that simple is best, and I have 5 ideas to share with you for student rewards that don’t cost money (other than the cost of printing, that is).

Using Intentional Questioning in the Classroom to Encourage Deeper Thinking

Encouraging students to think deeply and creatively about the content we teach is beneficial in so many ways. It causes them to stop and reflect on the information, and it encourages them to be more thoughtful and independent in their learning. One useful way to start is by being intentional with the questions we ask. 

How to Use Student Choice Boards to Differentiate for Your Learners

Student choice boards are a fun and engaging tool to use in the classroom, and they come with many benefits. They are versatile and can be used in many different subject areas for many different year levels. They are a simple tool to use to encourage student agency in learning, and they are great for differentiation. 

Cupcakes, Princesses & Fairy Wands

I remember when I had the privilege of being called in for relief work on what happened to be a free choice dress-up day in a girls’ school. There is something fascinating about how merely wearing different clothes to school completely changes the atmosphere. I was in a reception class for the day and we consisted of about 90% princesses, 9% fairies, with a Wonder Woman and ‘My Little Pony’ thrown in there somewhere.

12 Behaviour Management Tips for Relief Teachers

Those who are newer to my blog might not know that before I became a mum, and before my years as a full-time primary school teacher, I was a relief teacher here in Australia for a long two years. Oh, how clearly I remember the challenges that season brought for me! One thing that you soon come to learn when relief teaching is that a good behaviour management plan is everything.

The Essentials

My ‘teaching bag’, amongst other things, includes back-up lesson plans, stationery, a bell and a whistle, hand sanitiser (of course!), tea and a mug and plenty of stickers. I sometimes feel a little like Mary Poppins in that scene where she’s unpacking her bag and out comes the mirror and the coat rack! These things are helpful and important for my teaching, but are they essential?