Using Discussion Boards to Encourage Collaboration in the Classroom

A discussion board is a simple and effective tool to use to help facilitate collaboration amongst students. Discussion boards remove some of the pressure of ‘on the spot’ discussions, by allowing students to first write an individual response down before verbally sharing their ideas with others. Discussion boards also give you a written sample of students’ discussion responses, which you can either keep a copy of for your own records or use to start whole class discussions later on. 

What is Student Voice in the Classroom?

The term ‘student voice’ has been used more and more in recent years, and while most teachers can recognise its significance, it can sometimes be unclear what we’re referring to when we talk about student voice in learning. When we talk about student voice, it goes along with terms like student agency or student choice. At its most basic level, student voice is essentially giving students a voice or a say in how they learn.

Add Some Music and Dance to Your Classroom with This Fun, Collaborative Group Activity

The activity featured in this blog post allows students to work as a group to create their own song, dance or rap. You can use this activity simply as a fun time-filler or to test the students’ musical knowledge, dance technique or ability to work as a team. This activity is ideal for working on collaboration with students as it is highly engaging, easy for all students to participate in – no matter where they sit academically – and it allows you to incorporate the arts into the classroom.

Time to Reflect – How To Help Students Reflect on Their Learning 

With limited teaching time each day and a never-ending list of things to cover with our students, it can be easy to move through our lessons at a fast pace, always ready for the next topic. There’s an important step in the learning process though that we must not forget about though. That important step is – reflecting on learning.

Switch Up Your Homework Routine with These 9 Fun Homework Ideas

Many schools still require that homework is set for students. So, as teachers, how can we make sure we are approaching homework the right way, in order to provide enriching opportunities for student learning to take place? Well, here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

The Flowers Still Bloomed

The world came to a pause. Fear entered many hearts. We adjusted to a ‘new normal’. Yet, some things didn’t change, and the flowers still bloomed. 

Grids, Mazes & Photo Shoots – 8 Engaging Times Table Homework Activities 

Many primary school teachers include times table practice as part of their homework routine. So often though, this involves repetitive revision of the same set of times tables over and over again, leaving both students and teachers alike feeling bored with times table practice. There are many activities that you can use to keep your students engaged in their times table practice though, and in this post you’ll find my top 8 suggestions for fun times tables homework tasks. 

Just the Treat They Need – 5 Low Cost Student Reward Ideas

Giving students incentives and rewards can be an effective way to both motivate them at school and also let them know that we notice their efforts and achievement. Sometimes though, it can be a challenge to figure out how to give them a boost of encouragement without spending extra time and money. Well, when it comes to student rewards I believe that simple is best, and I have 5 ideas to share with you for student rewards that don’t cost money (other than the cost of printing, that is).

Or: The Power of Perspective

I was sorting through some of my old blog post drafts recently, and I came across one that I wrote during my relief teaching years. So, here is a post from about 5 years ago that was almost never published. I hope that it encourages you to notice the power of perspective in your own teaching situation.